General Information

Parent Communication: We will continue to send paper flyers home for certain events and activities, however, the bulk of our communication will be via email and attachments to the email. For every upcoming event, the information will be available at our website:, in addition, you will receive an update with specific times and directions via email. If there is ever a conflict between the calendar and the email/paper flier, the email/paper flier will take precedence, as occasionally there may be last minute changes.

Questions you have can be answered by replying to our email or by emailing us directly at However, as we will have several different instructors answering your emails, if you could state the age level of your junior guard in the subject line, that will help us direct your email to the appropriate group leader. For example, the subject line should read:
Subject: “A Group” – for any questions regarding 14-17 year junior guards, including anything related to Captains or Safety Aides.
Subject: “B Group” – for any questions regarding 12-13 year junior guards.
Subject: “C Group” – for any questions regarding 9 – 11 year junior guards.

Regarding phone calls, the different phone lines and numbers are as follows:
(714) 375-5176: A Group Leaders including Safety Aides and Captains: 
(714) 375-8484: B Group Leaders: 
(714) 960-8860: C Group Leaders:

(714) 374-8492: Program Coordinator: Mike Eich
(714) 375-5079: Assistant Coordinator: Greg Luttrell
(714) 375-5075: Assistant Coordinator: Kyle Morita
(714) 374-1501: General Phone Line