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C Division Surf Day

Dear Parents:

On Wednesday, July 14, the “C” Groups are participating in a surf day at Tower 26.

All parents should plan to drop their Junior Guards off in the parking lot north of Goldenwest Street at Tower 26. In order to avoid traffic, parents should consider arriving 20 minutes early to drop off their children. Do not stop on PCH to drop your children off. This is illegal and has caused major traffic problems in the past. Please pull into the parking lot as far as you can so that other parents can come in behind you. Again, if you stop at the entrance, other parents will not be able to enter the parking lot, causing a traffic jam on PCH.

Junior Guards will report for their regular scheduled time on this day (AM Session: 8:30-12:00 or PM Session: 1:00 - 4:30). All guards should wear their uniform, bring a towel, and sweatshirt. They may also bring their surfboards, wetsuits, boogie boards and fins. Junior Guards must wear their beanies in the water at all times. There will not be any option to purchase food during the surf day, so please plan accordingly and have junior guards bring something to eat and drink.

Please remind your child to wear sunscreen.

If you have any questions please call Junior Lifeguards at 714-374-1501.


Sean Richards and Ryan Camps

“C” Group Leaders

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