B Division

The B group consists of Junior Guards who are 12 and 13 years old. This group of Junior Guards will be educated about the basics of lifeguarding, ocean safety, beach conditions, as well as basic first aid skills. In addition, these students will be challenged physically in events such as the pier swim, 2-mile run, B-Loop, and the JG Ironman. During their time in the B group, all Junior Guards will learn how to paddle a longboard in and out of the waves safely as well as swim in challenging ocean conditions. All B’s will have the opportunity to attend an overnight campout at Camp Pendleton. We encourage all Junior Guards in the B group to strive for excellence physically and intellectually. 

Miller & Shulman

The following links are available to help your junior lifeguard have a successful summer:

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B Campout Information:

Dear Parents,

All “B” junior guards will be attending the overnight campout at Tower 28 from Thursday July 19thto Friday July 20th. The campout location will be directly north of Seapoint Street.  Parents can deliver their children to the Bolsa Chica State Beach parking lot.  The gate attendant is expecting JG parents. (The Dog Beach/Tower 26 bluff-top parking will be very crowded, and won’t be supervised).  Small wagons (or other carrying devices) are encouraged and can assist in moving camping gear, as it is about a half-mile walk to the campsite. 

Drop Off/Pick Up

JG’s will arrive in the Bolsa Chica State Beach parking lot between 9-9:45 AM on July 19th and will be picked up the following day between 10:00-10: 45 AM. There will be instructors in the parking lot guiding you to your destination.  No children will be allowed to be dropped off or picked up on PCH.  Please be on time to pick up your child. ALL junior guards will be escorted to state beach parking lot north of Seapoint for pick-up at 945AM on Friday, July 20th.  

No tents will be allowed for this campout, as all instructors and junior guards will be sleeping under the stars.  Boys are placed on one side of the instructors and girls are placed on the opposite side.  Instructors are on duty and work shifts during the entirety of the campout.  All B’s are accounted for at all times and roll call is taken multiple times per day.

The instructors will be preparing dinner the first night and breakfast the next day.  Please send a sack lunch with your junior guard for the first day. Also, send supplemental snacks and drinks that they would like to have over the two days. If your son or daughter has any dietary concerns or allergies, please notify a Group Leader.  Also, there is no running water at the campsite, so we will bring extra water.

Please note that Junior Guards can bring their cell phones, but they should be off for most of the trip as we want these kids to experience the great outdoors.

Equipment Packing List  (Mandatory Items)

Sleeping bag                                       Eating utensils

Water bottles/extra water                 Plastic bowl/plate and cup (reusable)

Towels                                                Pants

Sunscreen                                           T-shirts

J.G. uniform and swimsuit                  Flashlight

Hat                                                     Large trash bags to cover sleeping bag (2)

Beanies                                              Pillow

Shoes/sandals                                    Sweatshirt

Optional Items

Hand Wipes/WetOnes                        Wetsuit/Rashguard

Ground Cloth                                      Snacks

Fins/boogie board/surfboard              Inflatable float

Only Jr. Guards are allowed to camp on the beach. No friends or family members will be permitted to hangout or participate in the overnighter. If your child plans to attend the campout, please plan on them staying the entire time, as we would like to avoid kids coming and going. 

If you plan to park and stay for an extended period of time, you should be prepared to pay for parking because the Junior Guard issued parking pass does not work in the dog beach lots.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Miller or Mrs. Zellmer at juniorguard@surfcity-hb.orgwith “B Overnight Campout” in the subject line, or call us at (714) 374-1501 to leave us a message.



Jenn Shulman and Logan Miller

B Group Leaders


Tel: 714-374-1501

Email: juniorguard@surfcity-hb.org

P.O. Box 190
Huntington Beach, California 92648