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The Junior Lifeguard program was established in 1964 to educate children to recognize potential hazardous conditions associated with an ever-changing aquatic environment. Emphasis is placed on safety, respect, physical fitness, instruction, and discipline. Students are schooled in the oceanic environment, First Aides, C.P.R., mutual cooperation, competition techniques, and lifesaving methods.

The initial class of 24 junior guard students has blossomed to an impressive average of 1,200 students per year. The Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguards is world-renowned, having had students from other countries such as Germany, France, England, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico; and other states such as Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, New York, Utah, and Florida. The program has been involved with 11 international educational exchanges with New Zealand, Australia, and Germany.

This year's program is a modified 6-week program starting in July and ending in mid- August. Qualified students are divided into three groups based on their age. These groups are A’s 14–17, white, pink or green caps, B’s 12–13, red caps, and C’s 9–11, yellow caps. Each of these groups are then regrouped based on ability, experience in the ocean and, in the case of the A’s, desired preference. Surf caps are assigned by color for easy identification when in the water.

The Captains Corp. and Safety Aides developed over time to become unique groups within the program. Captains Corp. (white caps) was developed for Junior Guards who have the drive to become Ocean Lifeguards or who wish to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. The Safety Aides (pink caps) assist the younger students in water activities. Acting as an extension of the instructors, the Safety Aides provide additional flotation and safety. This group has been recognized by other Junior Lifeguard agencies for their importance in maintaining the safety of their fellow Jr. Guards and has been utilized in regional and national championships.


To become a member, students must meet the following physical requirements:
• Be between 9 and 17 years old
• Students must be age 9 prior to July 1st of that year
• Swim 100 yards in 1:50 minutes or faster for age 9 – 13 years.  Swim 1:45 minutes or faster for age 14 – 17 years.
• Swim underwater 10 yards without coming up for a breath
• Treading water for 5 minutes
Unfortunately we will not be accepting any new guards this year.


Parent Communication: We will continue to send paper fliers home for certain events and activities, however, the bulk of our communication will be via email and attachments to the email. For every upcoming event, the information will be available at our website:, in addition, you will receive an update with specific times and directions via email. If there is ever a conflict between the calendar and the email/paper flier, the email/paper flier will take precedence, as occasionally there may be last-minute changes.
Questions you have can be answered by replying to our email or by emailing us directly at However, as we will have several different instructors answering your emails, if you could state the age level of your junior guard in the subject line, that will help us direct your email to the appropriate group leader. For example, the subject line should read:
Subject: “A Group” – for any questions regarding 14-17 year junior guards, including anything related to Captains or Safety Aides.
Subject: “B Group” – for any questions regarding 12-13 year junior guards.
Subject: “C Group” – for any questions regarding 9 – 11-year junior guards.

Regarding phone calls, the different phone lines and numbers are as follows:
(714) 375-5176: A Group Leaders including Safety Aides and Captains: Samantha Dieterman, Dave Wagner
(714) 375-8484: B Group Leaders: Logan Miller, Jenn Shulman
(714) 960-8860: C Group Leaders: Laura Zellmer, Ryan Camps 
(714) 374-8492: Program Coordinator: Mike Eich
(714) 375-5079: Assistant Coordinator: Greg Luttrell
(714) 375-5075: Assistant Coordinator: Kyle Morita
(714) 374-1501: General Phone Line


PURPOSE OF PROGRAM: To acquaint the youth of our community with the experience of ocean swimming and its hazards, while exposing them to an environment that will teach them courtesy, respect, discipline, sound morals, and good sportsmanship.

PROGRAM SCHEDULE:    Monday through Friday, July 6, through August 13, 2020.
Morning Session     8:30 AM to 12:00 Noon
Afternoon Session   1:00 PM to 4:30 PM

REQUIREMENTS:    Open to boys and girls ages 9 through 17 (as of July 1, 2020).  Applicants must possess a basic swimming ability to be able to pass the following prerequisite exams:


A= 14-17 years old

B= 12-13 years old

C= 9-11 years old

"A" Division

  • Swim 100 yards in 1:45 or less

  • Tread water for five minutes 

  • Swim underwater for 10 yards 

"C" & "B" Division 

  • Swim 100 yards in 1:50 or less 

  • Tread water for 5 minutes 

  • Swim underwater for 10 yards 


(RETURNING JUNIOR LIFEGUARDS):  Returning junior lifeguards will receive an email with instructions for registration procedures. Please contact us if you are a returning junior lifeguard and you have not received a letter or if you have any questions or difficulties with enrollment. 


City of Huntington Beach Residents: $605  

Non-residents: $630  

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pay online at once registration opens or at the City of Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguard Headquarters. (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).

UNIFORMS:  Included in the program fees: swim trunks, 2 T-shirts, sweatshirt, hat, backpack, and patches.
Additional uniform pieces: Girls’ one-piece suits are $45, two-piece suits are $50; boys speedos are $18 and jammers at $25.
Students wishing to wear rash guards must wear a Junior Guard rashguard for identification purposes. Rash guards are $20 for short sleeves or $25 for long sleeve. Swimsuits and rash guards are available at the weekend registration dates.

Additional uniforms may be purchased at Junior Guard Headquarters throughout the season. All Junior Guards will wear their uniforms each day.

NOTE:  Maximum registration will be 600 participants.


Tel: 714-374-1501


P.O. Box 190
Huntington Beach, California 92648